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Evanesce Press Release 12th January 2017

Evanesce Press Release 12th January 2017


Evanesce Crème Launch
Anti-Oxidant rich to combat signs of ageing


London, UK: Every day, your body is barraged by an onslaught of invisible attackers; harmful, microscopic molecules known as free radicals. These rouge, highly reactive elements have the power to pair with particular chemicals in the body, creating a toxic cocktail that wreaks havoc on healthy cells. The ensuing cellular damage can impact vital cells that make up your nerves, your circulatory system, and even your skin, the largest organ in your body.

The carefully extracted, Evanesce Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, contains remarkably high concentrations of anti-oxidants that minimise and prevent the ageing, toxic damage, caused by free radicals in your skin.

Founder of Evanesce, Ian Reynolds, ‘It has taken 2 years of research to find the perfect region of the world and coconut oil extraction method to ensure the right balance of low odour, high nutrients and smooth consistency in our skin crème.’ He also explains ‘Not all Virgin Coconut Oil is equal, the same way wine or olive oil can vary greatly. Evanesce brings you the world’s finest coconut oil, presented in a way that will fit beautifully in your home’.

Evanesce is being launched at Top Drawer, 15-17 January 207, Olympia, London. Ian Reynolds explains, ‘We chose to launch Evanesce at a Home and Gift Trade Show as our research shows high levels of interest in non-cosmetic outlets like fashion boutiques and gift stores for beautifully packaged, high quality, personal items like soaps, candles and skin crème.’

Evanesce is incredibly versatile, replacing many jars in your cosmetics bag! Moisturising, Make Up Removal and Lip Balm are the first to mind, with perfect suitability for sensitive or young skin. Natural antiseptic and antifungal properties combined with its SPF10 make it an ideal way to moisturise your new tattoo!

Ian tells us ‘In our family, everyone has their own way of using Evanesce; my wife removes her make-up, moisturising at the same time and enjoys the deep hydration on her arms and legs. My 7-year-old daughter is prone to mild eczema, Evanesce provides instant relief; while a skin reaction to shellfish was calmed from an angry red to normal within seconds of application. My Father-in-Law uses it to moisture his extremely tanned face from too much time on the golf course!’

Evanesce will be available on from the 1st of February 2017.


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