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Evanesce Coconut Oil - Nature's Miracle Worker!

We read a blog post by one of our early customers and would love to share it with you!

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Introducing Evanesce Creme...


Type of Product: Organic antioxidant-rich coconut oil

Country of Origin: Thailand

Main Uses: As a day or night moisturiser for the face and body, hair conditioner, skin-nourishing massage oil, lip balm, antiseptic scar healer, tattoo care and makeup remover (to name a few.)

What do I Use Evanesce for? My bathroom cabinet has seen more moisturising tubs than a department store beauty counter, but that's because I care about what I put on my skin. A LOT. If trial and testing facial moisturisers has taught me anything throughout my 20's, it's that you should never scrimp on your skincare products. Trust me, it's worth investing in the right kind of moisturisers, and if you can find one product that does it all from a pure source, even better!

Why do I Love Evanesce Coconut Oil? Unlike other coconut oils, this one is organic and absorbs into the skin super-fast. There's nothing worse than waiting what feels like an ice age for your night skincare regime to dry. And what's nice about applying Evanesce creme at night is that you can let the oil get to work while you sleep. zzzzzz.

The Results: I've been using this oil for just over 5 months now, and still have half the jar left. For me, it's a natural miracle worker! I love that this product contains only one ingredient, yet it can be used for many different purposes. Multi-purpose beauty products are the way forward my friends. My skin is on the oily side, but feels dry at times too. This wonderful little pot of joy makes my face feel baby-soft straight away - no muss, no fuss. It works wonders on reducing redness and scarring and I always wake up with a smoother complexion than I had the night before. The trick is to really massage the oil into the main areas that are prone to dryness, redness or wrinkles.

Perks: Luxuriously chic black packaging, a far cry from supermarket-brand jars of coconut oil. This oil instantly starts to melt as you warm it between your fingertips, so you won't need to apply a large amount at once. Word of warning: When the weather is really hot and humid, you'll be likely to end up with a much softer (or even liquid) coconut oil. This is completely normal, and the product will revert back to its solid state once the temperature cools down.

Overall Verdict: 10/10.

To help you make the most of today's beauty buy recommendation, here's a handy list of tips that Evanesce published on their own website.

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