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Healing Power

Scarring is a critical part of your skins healing process after it has experienced trauma. Taking good care of your wound (and your body in general) will lead to faster healing time and less permanent scarring.

What can you do to reduce the healing time and minimise scarring?

Treat the area with Evanesce Crème……

The ultra-cold pressed, organic virgin coconut oil of Evanesce Crème has high levels of medium chain fatty acids, which dramatically increase the rate at which wounds heal by stimulating collagen production and turn-over. Also, new blood vessels form more quickly in skin treated with virgin coconut oil. All of this aids the body in producing healthy skin that is free of scarring. 

Of course, healthy skin also benefits greatly from this which results in a higher frequency rejuvenation process, making you look younger!

You check out the science of it here and here

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