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Night Routine

Cleansing your face with Evanesce Crème can be revolutionary for just about any skin type and condition! It may sound counterintuitive to wash your face with our oil but the results are incredible!

Evanesce dissolves excess oils on your skin as well as makeup and sunblock in a very natural, organic way, without the surfactants, harsh ingredients, or man-made preservatives found in foaming cleansers. This means that your face gets a very deep clean, without stripping or disrupting your microbiome. This cleanse is so thorough and the moisturising effect of Evanesce so deep, that it’s best to do this at night only and just rinse with water in the morning.

After switching to this regime, most people notice clearer, softer, brighter skin, fewer blackheads, more balanced natural facial oil production and a sense of ritual and grounding in their night-time routine.

Step 1

If your wearing heavier makeup, start by removing that with some Evanesce Crème on a cotton pad. If you only have light makeup, you can skip this.

Step 2

Rinse your face with warm water and pat dry.

Step 3

Melt a little Evanesce Crème in the palm of your hand (remember a little goes a long way!), spread over both palms and apply to your full face and neck.

Step 4

Take at least a full minute to massage the oil into your skin, focusing on your specific areas of congestion and muscular tension. This will give your face some much needed love, dissolve the tensions of the day, provide deep hydration, activate blood and lymph circulation in the deeper layers of your skin as well as clean your pores.

Step 5

The key to the process working is the warm facecloth removal. Use hot water to wet your cloth, wring it out, drape it over your face and press the warmth into your skin. Next, remove all of the oil with the cloth; you may need to rinse the cloth a few times. Make sure you are thorough but not rough; this step gives the added benefit of gentle exfoliation.

Step 6

In the morning, just rinse with warm water

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