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Tattoo Care

Taking care of your skin when you get new tattoo is vital to how it will look in the future.

Your tattooist will give you advice – follow it!

Part of that advice is moisturising and keeping the area clean during the healing process.

Evanesce Crème is perfect for your new art and skin.

Our organic, ‘ultra-cold’ extracted, virgin coconut oil has the following properties

  • Deep, lasting Hydration
  • Natural Anti-Bacterial, Antiseptic and Anti-Inflammatory
  • High Medium Chain Fatty Acids for accelerated healing
  • 100% Natural
  • Natural SPF 10

Our oil is solid below 24c, so take a small amount and warm it to a liquid and then apply it to your new tattoo, this will reduce the pain of application.

The oil will provide great moisture for your skin, protect the raw area from infection, accelerate the healing process and provide some protection from the sun.

Check out the ingredients of what you put on your skin the last time. It was probably petroleum based and not 100% natural!

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