Since I introduced Evanesce Crème to my friends and family, they’ve all found their own way of using it, which I find fascinating!

I use it to remove make-up; it’s especially good at dealing with the heavier eye make-up after I’ve been at max glam! As well as being very efficient at removing the make-up, it leaves my skin fully hydrated for the night. Another ‘2 flies with 1 smack’ is when I use it to shave my legs; the oil lubricates the blade nicely with maximum moisturisation; it has the added benefit of its built-in anti-bacterial quality.

My 7-year-old daughter has inherited my sensitive skin and we have been relieving her mild eczema with Evanesce Crème but the most impressive thing that we noticed was when some moules marinière liquid ran down her arms. The area started to get red and painful right away; we applied Evanesce Crème and almost immediately she was back to eating her mussels, pain gone, with the redness disappearing within a few minutes!

Have you noticed how difficult it is to remove these temporary tattoos kids love? A little Evanesce Crème on a cotton pad removes most it in one swipe with a little gentle rubbing completely clearing up the rest very quickly!

My father is extremely impressed by Evanesce Crème! He uses it as a shaving oil, facial moisturiser and even in his hair in place of wax or other hair products! He loves to golf and as a result, the outdoor elements play havoc with his face; the use of Evanesce Crème is reducing the signs of wear and ageing, leaving his skin feeling younger and much softer with improved elasticity.

My 40-year-old brother has been bothered by small bumps on the skin of his forehead for about 10 years. They look like they could turn out to be pimples but never seem to get that far. He had almost given up trying to deal with them when we gave him a jar of Evanesce Crème. Within a few weeks, they were gone and he’s feeling a return of confidence that he wasn’t aware that he had lost!

A very close friend loves his body art; when he heard about the incredible properties of Evanesce Crème, he decided to get a new tattoo, just to test it! He found it less painful to apply than his previous treatments and swears this one healed faster. He was especially pleased at finding an aftercare treatment that was 100% natural and organic rather than petroleum based products he was used to.

My husbands cousin recently became a father; being a pharmacist, he was interested in trying Evanesce Crème as a natural skin care treatment for his new daughter. He was pleased that it worked so well, especially on her cradle cap. It moisturised and nourished her brand new, sensitive skin perfectly. He now uses Evanesce Crème for her nappy rash and sore creases; keeping her skin fresh and free from redness.

It’s incredible that an organic and natural product can be so good for you in so many ways!

We have a growing list of uses for Evanesce Crème in our family; I’d love to hear how you use yours!


Lots of Love