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Raw Natural Luxury



Our coconuts are grown in a sustainable and certified organic way. 

They are harvested only when they are fully mature to ensure your Evanesce Crème has the richest nutrient, protein and anti-oxidant content.

Every piece of fresh coconut meat is inspected before entering the centrifuge and our unique 'ultra cold extraction' process, which uses freezing temperatures to help recover the oil, locking in all the goodness.

This process ensures that what goes on your skin is as good for you as it can be and will not chemically break down causing unwanted smells unlike lower quality or processed oils.

Coconut oil varies the same way as wine or olive oil. They all have a single natural ingredient but the quality and cost of what is available varies a great deal. Make sure you use only the finest Organic Virgin Coconut oil on your skin, Evanesce Crème.

Evanesce Crème brings the organic, natural benefits of virgin coconut oil to your and your children's skin.

Our Raw, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is Vegan friendly and Cruelty Free, making it great for your conscience as well as your skin! 

Virgin coconut oil is solid up to around 24c so when you take some on your finger tip, it starts to melt as soon as you rub it on your skin, making it easy to smooth over the areas you want to moisturise.